Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Bonmahon Joinery has been manufacturing and fitting traditional Timber Sliding Sash windows for the past 46 years. With this wealth of experience, we can design and manufacture the best timber hardwood windows to suit your home.

  • 1. Up and Down sliding function

    The Timber Sash window also known as an “up and down” window, normally found in older buildings or town houses. The window design generally concludes of two sashes, a top sash that slides down to open and back up to close, and, a bottom sash that slides up to open or down to close.

  • 2. Sash Horns

    The prominent feature of a Timber Sash window is the sash horns, these are a decorative horn which are formed using traditional techniques in the making of the Timber Sash window.

  • 3. Authentic Timber Features

    With Timber as the main material used in the construction of the window, the customer will benefit from realistic look of the grain and traditional joints used, which can’t be done using any other materials to which windows are manufactured from.

  • 4. Modern Seals

    Here in Bonmahon Joinery we use the highest of quality seal in our timber sash windows. With 2 seals on the sash and 4 seals on the frame, this will help retain the heat in your home.

  • 5. Weights and Pulleys

    Our sash windows are manufactured using the traditional Lead weights and pulley wheels, when you open your window the weight acts as a counter balance therefore to keep the sash in a fixed open/closed position.

  • 6. Double Glazing

    All our sash windows are manufactured using warm edge double glazing, gas filled. The ideal of the double glazing gas filled, acts as an insulator to help contain the heat in your home.

What our Customers Say

"To all the staff in Bonmahon Joinery, your advice and help has been so much appreciated. We absolutely adore our windows and doors, and look forward to years of enjoying them."
Margaret & John Boland

"Many thanks for all of your help, advice and patience!"
Susan & Seamus D’arcy

"We were very pleased with the way the fitters worked and impressed with the thorough job they made of it. Your team was a pleasure to have around the house"
Olive & Taco, Annestown

"I would definately recommend Bonmahon Joinery to anyone thinking about replacing windows. I chose Bonmahon as that was the name that kept coming back."
Denise (Earlcourt)

"Thanks for everything from start to finish, we are very happy with the level of service and the end result"
R. Power, Portlaw

"I must say the invitation to call to the Joinery in Bonmahon was a great help to us as we saw the materials and the standard of workmanship that goes into your windows and doors."
Dan Murphy

"Our reasons for choosing Bonmahon Joinery, the staff manage to make you the customer feel like part of a family. They have all the time in the world for you and your questions... and that's pretty special!"
Carrie C.

"I would definately recommend Bonmahon Joinery to anyone thinking about replacing windows. I chose Bonmahon as that was the name that kept coming back."- Denise (Earlcourt) - "I've dealt with Bonmahon Joinery over many years, I've always found them to be a professional and friendly company with top class products and excellent service."